Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jerry Saltz lists 33 notable artists.

Now that Paddy Johnson at Art Fag City has reposted Jerry Saltz's Facebook list of 33 notable artists who have emerged since 1999, I bet it'll be everywhere. Now I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. Also, it's great to see that this list includes my friend Valerie Garlick, a video and performance artist whom I had the opportunity to get to know through the Archaeology of Wonder group show at Real Art Ways (curated by Kristina Newman-Scott).

Here is Jerry Saltz's full post:

The list of artists that I posted previously reflects my frustration/anger with curators who mainly chose artists who have already been chosen by other curators; who shun anything that is NOT installation, video, b/w late-late Conceptualism, or art that needs long labels. I love a lot of this art. Yet WAY too many curators are afraid of/hostile to anything VISUAL, MATERIAL, or PHYSICAL. Fear of the Visual.

I went through your 200 plus lists of young artists. Many artists on the lists have been in huge shows (like the Whitney Biennial). Time for me to get vulnerable. My list is in the comment below. I name ONLY women artists working in America who have never been in a Whitney Biennial (I took out a name and added a couple others).
Here goes

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Klara Liden
Tamy Ben-Tor
Dana Schutz
Laurel Nakadate
Huma Bhaba
Juliette Aranda
Kerstin Br├Ątsch
Liz Glynn
Orly Genger
Xylor Jane
Valerie Garlick
Lisa Sanditz
Karin Oliver
Kate Gilmore
Aki Sasamoto
Sara VanDerBeek
Leslie Hewitt
Fia Backstrom (last two in 2008 Whit. Bi.)

Sterling Ruby
Jeffrey Wells
Ohad Meromi
Brain Belott
Robert Melee
Leidy Churchman
Peter Coffin
Alexandre Singh
Garth Weiser
Kalup Linzy
Andrzej Zielinski
Ryan Trecartin (in 2006 Whit. Bi.)

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