Friday, April 10, 2009

Drawings and Studies.

After a lot of encouragement from friends and colleagues, I decided to start taking my drawings seriously and make them a more visible part of my practice. I just added a new section to my website, Drawings and Studies, which highlights a few of the drawings I've been working on since January. It only took me, like, SIX hours to get all the html right... whew. Let me know if you come across any bad links or other problems--I'm sure I missed something important somewhere in there.

Most of these drawings are related to The Timber project that I've been working on for Art in General.
Drawing has become more and more important as a part of my process over the course of the last 3ish months (I started these drawings in January.) I think of them as a way of exploring the themes in my videos in a different language. Some of the drawings function as a sort of planning or brainstorming, and help me to pull together ideas for movements, compositions, and moods for upcoming video pices. Other drawings I make after a video is complete, as a way of reflecting on the movements and fleshing out the images. There are about 30 or 35 of the drawings currently.

One of the drawings will be up for auction next month, and some of the others will be included in a publication by Art in General that will come out later in the spring. More info to come!

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